What’s a GuitarViol?

GuitarViols are essentially guitar formatted viola/cello hybrids (think of them as bowed guitars taken a few steps further). They are mostly tuned EADGBE like a guitar and configured like a violin/viola/cello (bowed stringed instrument). They are the creation of Jonathan Eric Wilson and are his modern 21st century interpretation of a similar instrument called the Arpeggione that had a short life in the early 19th century. Though early versions had 24 metal frets, newer versions have proprietary one piece carbon composite fingerboards called “ViolGlides” with stopping points in place of frets. They come in acoustic, semi acoustic, and electric solid body models. While it does take some practice for a guitarist to master bowing, the reward is the joys of the journey itself and subsequent musical expressions previously unavailable to the guitarist/alt strings player.