How Do I Get One?

TogaMan GuitarViols are exclusively built by Jonathan Eric Wilson and team. They are in high demand and, as such, they are scarce! There is no gathered inventory waiting in a show room. The moment one is built, it is packed and sent to it’s destination! (oops, forgot to take some more serious photos of it before it left!). The one sure way to get your hands on a genuine TogaMan GuitarViol is simply to have it built by the master himself! Once you have determined the model/type, plan on three (⅓) equal installment rounds over a period of 6 to 18 months (9 month average wait over the last 10 years of relentless demand). ⅓ deposit of desired model commits it to the queue. Build times do vary a lot and estimated build times, though best estimates, are rarely accurate. Patience is mandatory! They all get built full steam ahead in a micro operation!

Call Jonathan at: 818-268-5602 for more information.