(2007) Developed out of a genuine need for as good as it gets acoustic sound! Over time, the top design, build process, and string types were worked out resulting in some of the most rewarding string instruments to play on the planet! About 50% of all GuitarViols built are acoustic. [As of 2013, they are prepared for an optional (modified) LR Baggs Lyric/EMG outboard power pickup system (no playing ship in the bottle to change battery). This system is great for live sound support as well as a great secondary mic to add to mix in the studio!] Excellent for: A most rewarding and compelling acoustic string playing experience that blends well with other traditional instruments. Heard in Game of Thrones, Making a Murderer, and Last Days of Vietnam (just a few of many!)

*Now available in a thinline version that allows for both sitting and standing approaches!